The Feathery Folk

'Enriching the lives of birds and people'

Asha (Lanner x Gyr Falcon)


Date of hatch: April 2018 

Temperament: Enthusiastic, curious, cute

Asha is our newest addition to the team and is an imprint falcon, which means she is immediately more trusting of people than if she had been raised by her parents.

Asha came to us after a dear friend and helper sadly lost his battle with cancer last October. He brought her on really well then was keen to pass her to us when he became too ill to manage, as he knew how the welfare of our birds, mentally and physically, is always our top priority.

Working with the Feathery Folk she will be helping to promote both falconry and education. Two things that Jon loved most of all.

Did You Know?

Falcons can, reach speeds of up to 200 mph when 'stooping' or dropping after prey!


About the species

Asha is hybrid falcon which would not naturally occur in the wild.

Hybrid falcons are created in captivity to gain desired characteristics for different jobs.

They are selectively bred in the same way as our domestic dogs. 

Asha is 7/8 Lanner so looks mostly like a normal Lanner falcon, however she is 1/8 gyr which means that she is larger than a pure female Lanner. 


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