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Edna (Blue-Winged Kookaburra)

Our most colourful bird of prey, Edna seems to be happy to be part of our team even though she is not a raptor. Raptors, like owls and hawks, catch their prey with their feet. Edna doesn't do that but she uses her beak to great effect! 


Date of hatch: 2nd June 2016

Skill: Laughing whilst flying, general chaos

Temperament: Reactive, cheeky,

highly intelligent

Edna is very popular with children and adults, being completely unfazed when visiting all of our various bookings with the other birds. She is very chatty but luckily does not spend all her time laughing loudly like her well-known cousin the Laughing Kookaburra.

Did You Know?

Kookaburras belong

to the kingfisher family, which are classed as birds of prey because they

eat invertebrates


About the Species

Scientific name: Dacelo leachii

Habitat: Tropical and sub-tropical open woodlands, paperboy swamps, clearings, cane fields, farmlands.

Diet: Invertebrates, reptiles, snakes, frogs, fish, crayfish, spiders, small birds, small rodents.

Species traits: Beats prey items before swallowing, snatches prey mid-flight.

Distribution: North-west to the north-east of Australia, Torres Strait, Southern New Guinea

Wild population: <10,000 mature individuals

Conservation status: Stable/least concern (IUCN)


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