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Igor (Common Kestrel)

You have probably seen a kestrel hovering near to a grass verge, waiting for something to pounce on. Our kestrel Igor doesn't have to hover to find his food but has been named after Igor Sikorsky, credited as the inventor of the modern helicopter.


Date of hatch: 17th May 2016

Temperament: Fidgety, loud

Did You Know?

Kestrels can see in ultra violet range, which helps them follow urine trails left by their prey


About the Species

Scientific name: Falco tinnunculus

Habitat: Farmland, grassland, heathland, urban and suburban.

Diet: Small mammals, birds and invertebrates

Species traits: Hovering whilst hunting prey

Distribution: UK, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Wild population: 46,000 pairs

Conservation status: Amber

Our main aim at the moment is to build up his confidence and help him to build up his fitness and eventually to fly to a lure where he will be able to show just how agile and athletic these small birds are.


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