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Nanook (Snowy Owl)


Did You Know?

Snowy owls are the only owls in the world that can soar. They need to fly high above the tundra to see their prey.


Date of hatch: 12th June 2017

Skill: Good balance for a Snowy owl

Temperament: Shy but friendly

Nanook, being a snowy owl, has matured a lot slower than our other owls so he is still learning about the role of professional ambassador owl. However, what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm!


Our main aim at the moment is to build up his confidence and help him to build up his fitness and eventually to fly to a lure where he will be able to show just how agile and athletic these small birds are.


About the Species

Scientific name: Bubo scandiaca

Habitat: Tundra, high fells, near coastal regions, rocky outcrops and heather moorland.

Diet: Lemmings, small mammals, rabbits, wading birds and fish.

Species traits: Prefer to nest on the ground (flat footed)

Distribution: Scottish islands, Arctic, Canada, Alaska, Northern US, Northern Europe, Northern Asia.

Wild population: 28,000 (declining)

Conservation status: Vulnerable 


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