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Roo (Boobook Owl)


Date of hatch: May 2018

Temperament: Energetic, a nibbler and a bit of a diva

Roo, named after Australia's kangaroo, is our youngest and most excitable of all our birds. He is always eager to get going, impressing everyone with his hawk-like flight being quick and agile.


He is currently learning how to refine his agility into a skill he can really show off. He is also great at being handled and loves to meet new people.


Did You Know?

Boobook Owls get their name from the sound that they make because it sounds like they are saying 'boo-book'


About the Species

Scientific name: Ninox boobook

Habitat: Eucalyptus forests and woodlands, anywhere with trees

Diet: Insects, small mammals

Species traits: flies like a hawk

Distribution: Most of Australia, Tasmania and some surrounding islands such as New Guinea

Wild population: N/A

Conservation status: Least concern


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