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Sherlock (Harris Hawk)


Sherlock (Harris Hawk)

Date of hatch: April 2016

Skill: Dummy bunny

Temperament: Reactive, friendly and talkative


This has meant that we can enrich Sherlock with problem solving training, which we're hoping to be able to use in demonstrations.

Harris Hawks are one of the few birds of prey that work together in the wild. This makes them naturally cooperative so they tend to be easy to work with.

Sherlock is an imprinted hawk, which means he's very friendly around people. He is always raring to go which makes him a great flyer, if a little fidgety.

Did You Know?

Harris Hawks have

a white stripe on the bottom of their tail, which they wiggle for silent communication when hunting.



About the Species

Scientific name: Parabuteo unicinctus

Habitat: Dry bush country, desert, canyons, scrub land and broad-leaf forest.

Diet: Hares, rabbits, ground squirrel, other rodents, medium-sized birds and reptiles.

Species traits: Social hunters, floor foragers

Distribution: US, parts of South America

Wild population: 920,000 individuals

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)


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