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The Feathery Folk

'Enriching the lives of birds and people'



The Feathery Folk is a small, family run bird of prey encounter business based in Congleton, Cheshire. 


We work constantly to share our enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, these amazing birds using interactive, hands-on encounters. It is important to us that anyone interacting with us, comes away feeling that they have learned a lot, whilst having fun. We are particularly well known for our child friendly approach.

License for the Provision of Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition : CE/AE03/010422

To find out what we do click on an image below:



We are also ambassadors for promoting fantastic welfare and enrichment for a group of birds that are often overlooked in this respect. We pride ourselves on our varied team of happy owls and other birds of prey. We are not a centre or charity and work by appointment only, though you can see us at public events. Have a look at our Upcoming Events page to see where we will be with our stand then come and say 'Hello'.


For the latest news, photos and promotions use the social bar at the bottom of this page. For booking, quotes or anything else...

Call Libby on 07517 127284 or email

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