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Date of hatch: April 2018

Skill: Ring deliverer 

Temperament: Friendly and eager to please

Anwen is a really sweet and beautiful Barn owl who seems to take everything in her stride. She is very enthusiastic but

is also very focused. She loves to 'just get on with the job'.


Anwen is particularly good at ring deliveries, remaining calm and quiet, which makes her entrance a real surprise.

Did You Know?

Barn Owls cannot
hoot, instead they make a series of

hisses and clicks.

Anwen (Barn Owl)


About the Species

Scientific name: Tyto alba

Habitat: Open rough grasslands and mixed farmland

Diet: Voles (short-tailed field vole most preferred), mice, shrews, rats, bats, frogs, small birds and invertebrates.

Species traits: Gliders and the only owl that hovers.

Distribution: Restricted to Southern and Western Europe and Northern Africa.

Wild population: 4,000 pairs (+/- 30%) in the UK in 1995-1997.

Conservation status: Amber (stable/possible incline)


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