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Tallis (Tawny Owl)

Tallis is one of our most challenging birds as she was creche reared (she grew up with her siblings while she was being imprinted). This means that she tends not to be so immediately trusting with humans as our owls that were reared in the house with us and on their own. She prefers to get to know you first...



Date of hatch: June 2014

Skill: Looking beautiful

Temperament: Stubborn, shy and fiesty 

Tawny owls are also very territorial, meaning that they can be wary of new places and people. However, she has gained confidence as she has matured and started to build up a good relationship with us, particularly with Abi.

Did You Know?

Tawny Owl's are the only species that say 'Toowit Toowoo', usually this is a female and male communicating


About the species

Scientific name: Strix aluco

Habitat: Woodland, farmland, urban and suburban 

Diet: Voles, mice, shrews, small birds, fish, invertebrates, worms, frogs.

Species traits: Woodland flyers, so highly manoeuvrable.

Distribution: UK, Wales and parts of Scotland

Wild population: 19,400 pairs

Conservation status: Green (declining)


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