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He is always the firm favourite at our shows and experiences, wowing the public with his sheer size and presence.

Did You Know?

Eurasian Eagle owls have the largest wing span of all owls, reaching up to 2 metres in length!

Arty (Eurasian Eagle Owl)

Date of hatch: April 2018

Temperament: Excitable, eager, curious

Arty is our largest personality and has the body to match. It took him a little while to coordinate his huge wings and feet but he has since been gaining in strength and eagerness with each flight. Although he is fully grown, mentally he is still quite young so we have to train him carefully. Eagle owls can live to around 50 years old so he has plenty of time!


About the Species

Scientific name: Bubo bubo

Habitat: Rocky outcrops and open forests.

Diet: Small to medium sized mammals, birds (including other birds of prey), reptiles, fish.

Species traits: Extremely powerful hunters with strong feet.

Distribution: Europe, Asia and parts of Northern Africa.

Wild population: Estimated 250,000 - 2.5 million

Conservation status: Least concern


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