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Pippin (Barn Owl)


Date of hatch: 21st April 2017

Skill: Hovering

Temperament: Highly reactive, friendly, a bit of a diva


Pippin gets very excited when she knows she is going out and seems to enjoy every aspect of her work from demo's to ring deliveries and is a big hit on encounters. She is a bit of a show-off and does fantastic hovers on cue that really show just how aerial she is. She can be a bit of a diva as well, enjoying the attention when she's doing something naughty!

Pippin has been one of the quickest owls to train, proving that owls, like a lot of birds, show a lot of intelligence, responding well to signals and voice commands. 

Did you know?

Tyto owls were the first owls to evolve so they are the oldest species of owl in the world.



About the Species

Scientific name: Tyto alba

Habitat: Open rough grasslands and mixed farmland.

Diet: Voles (short-tailed field vole most preferred), mice, shrews, rats, bats, frogs, small birds and invertebrates.

Species traits: Gliders and the only owl that hovers

Distribution: Restricted to Southern and Western Europe and Northern Africa.

Wild population: 4,000 pairs (+/- 30%) in the UK in 1995-1997.

Conservation status: Amber (stable/possible incline)


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