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Vera (Little Owl)

Date of hatch: April 2018

Temperament: Feisty, shy

Vera is full of character for such a tiny bird. Named after Libby's late great grand-mother for being small yet feisty, it perfectly

matches our Little owl.


She loves to sit looking into our kitchen window from her aviary and bobbing up and down in the hope that we will bob back at her! 

She has proven very popular at our events and encounters, for showing off the Little Owls unique dipping flying pattern as well as their 'no nonsense' attitude.

Did You Know?

Little Owls in the wild live in colonies, just like us!


About the Species

Scientific name: Athene noctua

Habitat: Farmland, around farmstead and villages

Diet: Earthworms, beetles, moths, small mammals and small birds

Species traits: Stoops down from a tree or runs along the floor. Flies like a black bird.

Distribution: UK, Wales, south-east Scotland (fragmented populations)

Wild population: 5,800-11,600 pairs

Conservation status: Declining


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