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Date of hatch: 12th June 2014

Skill: Flies through small spaces

Temperament: Eager, reactive, nibbler

Dickens is one of our hardest workers, which makes her very popular with whoever meets her. She may be small but don't be fooled! She can be very feisty and won't hesitate to have a gentle nibble at your fingers if she's close enough and thinks you're not paying attention.

Despite this, she loves to impress the public by

them how fast and low she can fly.


Did You Know?

White-faced owls

can conceal themselves by stretching up tall and thin with narrow eyes. This is called 'tarnstelling'.

Dickens (White-Faced Owl)



About the Species

Scientific name: Ptilopsis leucotis

Habitat: Dry savanna with thorn trees, scattered trees near water, forest edges.

Diet: Moths, crickets, beetles, scorpions, spiders, reptiles, birds, small mammals

Species traits: The 'transformer owl', powerful talons.

Distribution: South of the Sahara, Senegambia east-wards towards Sudan, Somalia, North Uganda and North Kenya. 

Wild population: <10,000 mature individuals

Conservation status: Locally common/least concern - stable (IUCN) 



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