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Boo (Mexican-Striped Owl)

Did You Know?

Mexican-striped owls can catch prey that is up to 3/4 of its size!

About the species

Scientific name: Asio clamator

Habitat: Semi-open grassland, savanna with scattered trees, small groves and bushes, open marshland, pasture, agricultural land and wooded suburban areas.

Diet: Small mammals, cavies, opposums, bats, small birds, large insects and some reptiles.

Species traits: Will roost with others by daytime, just like the long-eared owl which he is related to.


Hatch date: March 2014

Temperament: Friendly but can be shy with strangers.

Boo is one of our most striking looking owls and is one of our most exotic species. Mexican Striped owls can be quite highly strung but he will happily fly to strangers, providing he feels secure.


Everyone is fascinated by Boo's massive feet (including our avian vet), and so he is a great example of how diverse owls can be.

His spectacular looks, particularly in flight, also makes him an ideal candidate for photography.

Distribution: Southern Mexico into South America, avoiding the Amazonian basin

Wild population: <10,000 mature individuals

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)


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