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Kit (African-Spotted Eagle Owl)

Date of hatch: May 2014

Skill: Running

Temperament: Friendly but prefers a quiet life, and working at ground level.


Kit is a very particular owl and likes a set routine to follow. If we're doing anything differently, or in a different order during a demo, he will sit and looks at us as if we've gone mad and clearly don't know how it should be done! He was named by the children of Bosley St Mary's Primary School, after he visited them, as a chick.

Kit is very independent but is a hard worker and loves to fly, as long as he is in the mood! He has also adopted a few amusing party tricks, some of which are his idea, not ours! Kit has become a firm favourite on bookings and gives people a great insight into how challenging but rewarding these birds can be to work with.

Did You Know?

African Spotted Eagle-Owls are mostly ground dwelling, nesting and foraging on the ground.



About the Species

Scientific name: Bubo africanus

Habitat: Open or semi-open woodland, savanna with thorny shrubs and scattered trees, rocky hillsides, semi-deserts. 

Diet: Larger insects, small mammals, birds and reptiles, bats, invertebrates and carrion.

Species traits: Forages on the ground.

Distribution: Sub-saharan Africa, parts of the Arabian Peninsula

Wild populations: <10,000 mature individuals

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)


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