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'Enriching the lives of birds and people'

Foggy's Fund was founded because we at the Feathery Folk felt that educating the public with our captive birds wasn't enough. We wanted to also aid a charity to help wild species of birds of prey, as so many are in decline globally. However, when deciding which charity to raise money for we found we just couldn't choose. Therefore, Foggy's Fund aims to raise money for a different charity to a target. 

The reason that we named this fund as Foggy's Fund is because Foggy was the name of the first Barn Owl we bought and unfortunately passed away due to a congenital heart defect in 2017. Barn Owl's are such an iconic species and Foggy was the firm favourite wherever he went, helping to raise awareness for his wild cousins.

Foggy's Fund


Project Lugger

Project Lugger is a charity that is aiming to raise awareness of the plight of the Lugger falcon found in South Western Asia and aid in the increase of its wild population through providing a captive population for eventual release into secure areas of the wild

This year we raised £350.64. This money has already been used to buy a Lugger falcon to go towards building a captive population for later release back into the wild.

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